Fan Club
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  • What is it?
    Fan Club is a place where you can become wildly popular by attracting fans, getting votes from friends and strangers alike. It is a place for you to meet new people and make new friends.
    Just submit up to 5 of your best pictures and a brief statement to get you started.

  • How do I get votes and fans?
    Invite as many friends to join as possible. Vote as many people as possible and become fans of people you admire. In turn you will draw their attentions and become popular.
  • How many times can I vote for any individual?
    You can vote as many times as you want but only your last vote will be counted.
  • How do I and others know how popular I am?
    Your score, votes, number of fans, fancy tag counts, loves, flirts, and gifts are prominently featured on your game page. These numbers are all counted into your rank standing.
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