Buy and sell Friends auction style.

Game Rules:

1. You receive half the profit when you sell a Friend.

2. You earn half the profit when you are bought.

3. You earn $10,000 every 4 hours for coming back to play the game. Your master earns $2000.

4. You may get cash bonus for actively playing the game. Your master also get bonus whenever you get a bonus.

5. You may get cash rewards for sending gifts.

6. You may get either bonus or penalty for sending pokes.

7. You will be reimbursed at half of the price of the pet upto $100,000 when you set a pet free.

Lottery Rules:
1. For every $1 spent, a distinct number will be assigned at the close of the lottery upto 1,000,000 numbers for each player.

2. Three winners will be picked up randomly among all participants every day. a $10,000,000 award will be given out to these 3 winners.

3. Three grand winners will be selected randomly among all the numbers assigned. The winners will receive 70%, 20%, and 10% of the jackpot respectively plus FFM matching cash. Diamond winner sponsors next lottery with 30% of the award.

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